Contract Personnel - What do you really get?

Contract Personnel - What do you really get?

When you enter the world of contract employment, you understand that things will be a bit different. But do they really need to be that different?

I have personally worked contract jobs, and understand the challenges that come with the territory. I have been on long term contract assignments where I did not hear from my employer unless there was a time sheet, billing, or p.o. issue they needed my help pursuing. To tell you the truth I came to assume that this was the way contract assignments worked at that point in my career.

What I am talking about here is beyond benefits, as most companies these days provide at least a minimum level of benefits. But what about a support system. Do you have someone that checks on you regularly? If so, has that person ever been in your shoes and understand your job description? Do they understand the struggles you are going through and present solutions to you and the client?

If you are not properly supported then the value for you and your client is diminished. Evaluate your employment options and ask the right questions of your perspective contract agency. Finding the right partnership is the key to a long term successful contract.

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