Opinions on the NFL 2020 Season?

Opinions on the NFL 2020 Season?

With all the talk and opinions going around about the NFL 2020 season, I am curious what the true statistics might be.  Honestly, as a business we have invested a little but not really that much into the NFL as an entertainment venue.  But I do know that our industry does invest heavily.  Will that change?  If so, what will be the next venue?  There are a lot of questions you could ask and I am not sure anyone has all the answers yet.

We created the poll below to get an idea of where the NFL 2020 season sits in the minds of the consumer.  Has it been damaged or is this just another speed bump in which they will quickly recover?

Please take a few moments and leave your opinions.

NFL 2020 Opinions
Among all the rumors, it would be nice to see some statistics on how people really feel about the upcoming NFL season.
Will you watch or go to more or less games for the 2020 season?

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