About MAV

Welcome to MAV Personnel!  Providing highly skilled Technical and Project Personnel throughout the Industrial and Commercial sectors.

MAV Personnel is a specialized Recruiting Agency focused on providing the most highly qualified Professional and Technical resources available.  In each area we recruit we possess internal knowledge through S.M.E.’s (Subject Matter Experts) who understand the positions and the particulars of each environment.  Most importantly we believe in developing a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with each client.  By knowing you and your specific situation we can hone in to find the “Perfect Candidate”.

We’re Honest

Honesty is a key ingredient in everything we do.  Every relationship and every agreement we develop is straightforward with no hidden language or agenda.  When all parties understand what is agreed upon life is so much easier.

Integrity Rules

A key ingredient to Honesty is Integrity.  We rely heavily on our moral and ethical principles in every decision we make.  Not only is this good business, it also simplifies decision making by eliminating bad choices.


We believe in maintaining a professional atmosphere and appearance at all times whether it be our attire or office space.  This represents the respect we have for our clients, our candidates and for our own personal beings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with highly qualified candidates that fit their corporate culture seamlessly.

The MAV Personnel model relies on the following key aspects :

  1. Strong working relationship with each client.  This includes a complete understanding of business culture, needs and requirements.
  2. We utilize the latest technologies to assist in communications and tracking candidate profiles.
  3. Our candidate database has been built over time and includes strong relationships and ties.  We know many of our candidates personally from our own work experience.

Our Experience

At MAV Personnel, we believe that we must have extensive experience in each category we serve.  From our founder to each account manager we demand each to possess and maintain a strong knowledge of the category in which they are involved.  Our founder himself has over 18 years of Industrial / Commercial project management / project controls experience.

Project Management 90%
Project Controls 90%
Engineering Services 85%
Materials Management 80%
Turnaround Management 65%
Capital Project Management 65%