Commissioning Support

Commissioning Support

Our commissioning support technicians provide the checkout and testing necessary to ensure a safe, reliable, and efficiently operating facility

Your Trusted Partner in Industrial Commissioning Support Services!

MAV will provide highly qualified and experienced commissioning support technicians that will perform the in depth testing, checkout, and acceptance activities required to ensure a safe and efficient operating facility.  Without these services you are risking the safety of your personnel and reducing the efficiency of the operating unit.

Who We Serve?


  • Pre Commissioning Checkout
  • Electrical Checkout and Testing
  • Mechanical Checkout and Testing
  • Validation of Documentation
  • Ensure Compliance with Standards
  • Identify Operational Issues
  • Identify Potential Safety Concerns
  • Integration of Commissioning Schedule


  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Chemical
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Mining
  • Warehousing
  • Pipelines


  • Facility Owners
  • Midstream Operators
  • Manufacturers
  • Corporate Offices
  • General Contractors
  • Commercial Developers
  • Government Entities
  • Industrial Suppliers

Why Contract Commissioning Support Services?

There are numerous instances where a business gets a big contract and hires a team of full-time employees but the deal falls apart. Unless the new recruits can be assigned to a new project or another department, the company has to fire them.

Laying off employees not only reflects poorly on the image of the company but also costs money. Contract staffing services help organizations prevent such situations as employees are only hired for a short duration.

Hiring an employee requires screening, interviews, background checking, and heaps of paperwork, which can take a lot of time for the human resource department. For a short-term contract, it’s simply not worth the effort.

Using contract staffing allows helps taking some responsibility off the HR department shoulder and help them to function more effectively as staffing agencies take care of all the paperwork and cumbersome involved in hiring a new employee.

Contrary to popular belief, contract staffing actually helps companies save money. First, it saves costs associated with hiring such as screening, recruiting, and—most importantly—training, which can take an extensive amount of time and resources.

Secondly, it helps in reducing turnover which also costs money. Finally, staffing agencies thoroughly examine candidates before sending them to ensure they are competent and skillful to become productive and contributing members of your team in a short duration.

We are experts in the field of hiring and onboarding new employees.  It is what we do.  The team at MAV can screen, interview, perform background checks, negotiate terms, and have your new team member on site often within days. 

We have spent much time and effort developing our internal systems in order to support an expedited process.  This includes virtual interviews, integrated ATS and HR systems, and staff dedicated to this one effort.

Contract staffing allows you to access expanded skill sets that may not exist in your current organization.  This may includes short or long term needs for personnel with specialized skill sets.

Often new projects or programs expand the need for specialized skills.  You can eliminate the need to hire short term temporary employees but teaming up with a contract staffing company.

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